A new challenger appears!

Welcome, everyone, to the third incarnation of Heroic Cinema!

Version two served us well for several years, but the world has moved on: everyone is blogging and tweeting these days, their microformatted meanderings spat out into the ether like so many rounds of ammunition. Our rather sedate "gather up reviews, then publish every now and then" approach was getting antiquated, and many of the features we used to have — World Movies TV times, screening data, etc. — aren’t necessary now that the world’s moved wholesale on to the Web. If you can find us here nowadays, you don’t need us to find out when SBS is screening Citizen Dog, or what’s on at the Chauvel Cinema this week.

So the thing we’ve always done, really, is blog. And that’s what we intend to continue to do.

This site is now a full WordPress blog, just like the thousands of others you’ve seen, with every review we’ve ever posted: 968 at last count. If you like it, or hate it, or spot anything weird we ought to fix, drop us a line!


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