ACMI Melbourne: “Focus on Linda Lin Dai”

I’ve only just seen this update from SBS’s film news, so my apologies on the lack of lead time on this post; still, I thought some HC readers might be interested.

Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image are running their retrospective, Focus on Linda Lin Dai from today until February 28. Lin Dai was one of the brightest stars of Hong Kong cinema from the 50s and 60s, most prominently with Shaw Brothers, and ACMI are bringing a bunch of her pictures to the screen:

The Kingdom and the Beauty

  • Love Without End
  • Diau Charn
  • The Kingdom and the Beauty
  • Love Parade
  • Les Belles
  • Madame White Snake
  • The Blue and the Black Part 1
  • Beyond the Great Wall
  • The Blue and the Black Part 2

There’s much more on Linda Lin Dai’s importance to HK cinema in the SBS article, and you can book tickets at ACMI!

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