Motorway (HK, 2012) in Cinemas

Our own John Snadden dropped me a line to remind me that new Hong Kong getaway driver film Motorway has opened in cinemas across Australia, and it’s from perennial Heroic Cinema favourite directors Johnnie To and Soi Cheang. John writes:

A hearty recommendation for the new Johnnie To produced / Soi Cheang directed Motorway. Mind games and road games are the glue of this terrific little crime drama which opened last Thurday thru Hoyts around Australia. It also shows a novel way of getting out of a tight car parking spot — only in a Milkyway Image movie!

The film stars Shawn Yue, Anthony Wong and Guo Xiaodong, and it’s open across the country — you’ll find details and some trailers on Dream Movie’s page for the film.

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