Mountains and monsters @ GoMA QLD

Just a quick reminder for lovers of Asian cinema and animation up in the sunny north east – with APT7 coming to a close soon, don’t miss the remaining films that are still showing as part of this great event.

Most notably, this weekend you can catch Wan Mailing’s 1965 Being-Opera style animation Uproar in Heaven, or if you’re in the mood for something a little more epic, Battle Royale and The Host (what? It’s appropriate Easter weekend viewing, isn’t it?). And until mid-April there’s a whole rash of fascinating cinematic fare, from old classics like Yi-Yi: A One and a Two to the experimentalism of Park Chan-Wook’s 33 minute Night Fishing, as well as a few more Chinese cell and stop-motion animated features.

And speaking of monsters, you might also want to keep your eyes peeled for some massive mayhem over the coming months in the Cinémathèque’s aptly named Monsters program, where you can catch the 1957 original monster Godzilla, Ricky Lau’s slapstick classic Mr Vampire, and Park Chan-Wook’s (him again?) Thirst on the big screen. Although in Godzilla’s case, on a screen not big enough!

You can find session times for both APT7’s animation and feature films and Cinémathèque’s Monsters at the website.

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