Reel Anime 2013 dates announced

The news came in on the wire today that our anime-loving friends at Madman have announced the final dates for this year’s Reel Anime 2013 festival, where they intend to showcase brand-spanking-new anime in theatres across the country.

Reel Anime 2013

Screening this year are:

Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo — the third feature film in the re-imagining of the much-loved Neon Genesis Evangelion series.

009 RE: Cyborg — an adaptation of influential manga Cyborg 009 helmed by Kenji Kamiyama (who also directed the Ghost in the Shell: Stand Along Complex series);

A Letter to Momo — the long-in-production second feature from Hiroyuki Okiura (Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade);

A double bill of The Garden of Words and (keenly awaited by your humble editor) the first instalment of Ghost in the Shell: Arise.

Ghost in the Shell: AriseThe locations and dates are as follows:

September 26 to October 9:

  • Adelaide: Palace Nova Eastend

October 3 to October 16:

  • Avoca Beach: Avoca Beach Picture Theatre
  • Brisbane: Dendy Portside
  • Canberra: Dendy Canberra
  • Hobart: State Cinema
  • Melbourne: Cinema Nova
  • Perth: Luna Leederville
  • Sydney: Dendy Newtown

You can buy tickets (once they’ve got their scheduling done) and see more information about the films at the Reel Anime website.

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