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Together (2003)

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Let’s set some things straight. Yes I have some Chinese ancestry (quite a lot of it actually) which does mean, yes I did have Chinese immigrant parents. However, that does not automatically lead to me having studied any kind of instrument, in particular (rather aptly) the violin. If anything, my musical talent totals to a few shrill notes on the recorder and drunken bouts in karoake bars – both of which the less said the better.

That does not mean, … (read more)

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Ermo (1994)

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Since the institution of economic reforms beginning in the late 1970s, China has been a country that has seen a lot of change; even now more so than ever before. As more private enterprises have been allowed to flourish, the country has found itself in quite a dramatic transition from traditional Maoism to the materialist values of capitalism. While Ermo may comically tell a simple tale of a family from a small Chinese town, it finds itself deep within this … (read more)

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Shadow Magic (2001)

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Now you can’t say this movie doesn’t have an interesting story behind it. The second in the new Silk Screen series, Shadow Magic is about the introduction of silent movies into China which sowed the seed for China’s early film industry.

During the early 1900s, a few enterprising Westerners introduced silent movies into China and were probably dismissed by the general masses as evil brainwashing foreigners, save a few curious and innovative locals who saw the enormous potential in them. … (read more)

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