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Chicken and Duck Talk (1988)

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Chicken And Duck Talk is justly famous in the history of Hong Kong films. It’s well-made, it was a fresh look at ordinary urban Hong Kongers, and it’s funny. Still. Despite some of the background looking a tad dated, the message and the comedy still shine.

Michael Hui, the creative talent behind this and other films, gives us a lot to think about. There’s the struggle of ordinary people against the chain stores that are pushing neighbourhood stores out of … (read more)

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Three of a Kind (2004)

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Three actors, four stories, no continuity.

How could they do this?!?

What were they thinking?!?

It starts well, at least enough to dull suspicion. Devoted aide (Yeung) secretly in love with playboy boss (Lau). Cantankerous, writers-blocked father (Hui) who hasn’t written a book in ten years. Assorted minor characters of a humorous bent. Then it all goes to hell, complete with handbasket. Or, in the case of Hui, complete with sword and straw veiled hat.

About every twenty minutes, the … (read more)

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