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Bang Rajan (2000)

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Bang Rajan is a terrifically entertaining, nice and gory old-timey battle epic, the sheer earnestly reverent seriousness of which almost, almost manages to overcome the innate silliness of its execution. I like this movie a lot, I’m just more excited by the idea of what, with its irresistibly populist story and giddy self-indulgence, it could have been.

My first problem is with its conflicted aesthetics. The movie’s wonderful verdant setting, finely (if anachronistically) chiselled warrior heroes and lovely maidens are … (read more)

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Nang Nak (1999)

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There’s not many movies that tell you straight up what’s going to happen. And you’d think that, if they did, you’d be pretty let down by the movie, right? “What a cheap trick”, you’d think. “They must be desperate to find a way to make the point: what must the film be like if they can’t do it in the story?!?”

Well, this film does just that, and it works. We’re told in a voice-over that Nak, a young wife, … (read more)

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