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New Getter Robo (2004)

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New Getter Robo comes from a time long gone. It is an echo of a time before even Gundam was on the scene. Back then the soon-to-be-genre of mecha anime was only really just beginning to get off the ground. There had been a couple of shows about robots and the like but it was really the work of Go Nagai that established the stereotypes and clichés that fans have come to expect of giant robot shows. One such example … (read more)

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Innocent Venus (2006)

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I really don’t want to be the reviewer for this series. Not because it’s terrible, but because it’s just average. If it was bad I could tell you to turn away as fast you could, or drop the disc into an acid bath so no one else will ever have to witness the misery of it. If it was a great watch then that would be an easier sell of: just go watch it. But when the material is just … (read more)

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