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Kama Sutra (1997)

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The word that springs to mind when talking about this film is “lush”. Sets, costumes, cast, locations, all are opulent and beautiful. I could wax lyrical in much more detail, but I’m afraid I’d use up my store of adjectives, and be reduced to reviews of two sentences for the rest of the year.

The film is set in 16th century India, and tells the story of two friends, Maya and Tara. Tara is the daughter of a prince, while … (read more)

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11.9.01 SEPTEMBER 11 (2002)

Too often, we see ‘art’ (in the very loosest sense of the word) in the service of the state: film as propaganda has been with us as long as moviemaking. The likes of Black Hawk Down pitch the idealistic self-image of the world’s only hyperpower as truth, pretending to chronicle real events in a credible way. And even if we don’t all recognise propaganda when we see it, we know that it exists.

Art (in a stricter sense) in the … (read more)

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