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The White Dragon (2004)

White Dragon holds promising individual components, but implements them in such an ordinary way that the result is tragedy, of the unintentional kind.

Cecilia Cheung stars, returning to the petulant drama queen role she tends to fall back on regularly to pay the bills. Her character Hei Fung (aka Little White Dragon) is an immature self-centred brat who obviously grows up a little over the course of the film by coming into contact with Francis Ng’s Chicken Feathers, the tragically … (read more)

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2002 (2001)

This film stinks and I hate it. You know why? Not because of the completely incoherent plot. Not because the performances exist in an emotional vacuum. Not even because the soundtrack (ironically featuring a song entitled “Let Me Die”) made me want to kill myself. No, I hate 2002 because I want to be a magic cop. (Actually, I really want to be a magical-realist cop, but I’d happily settle for the plain old magic version.) If I was a … (read more)

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