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The Slayers Evolution-R (2009)

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Welcome back to a two-part review. What’s that, you missed the first part? Well that won’t do. You should probably check out the review for The Slayers Revolution before reading the review for the sequel series The Slayers Evolution-R (you see what the creators did with the title there. Those kooky animators, what will they think of next). So I’ll just sit here for a moment while you read the first review. All caught up? Good, we can now begin.… (read more)

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The Slayers Revolution (2008)

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There are some fantasy and science fiction realms that fans would just love to jump into. Middle Earth, Sunnydale, Endor and New York are fictional places that fans just want to be real. I’m really glad however that lands featured in Slayers isn’t real. Sure they look real peaceful and nice place to vacation. I just really would hate to be in country when Lina Inverse and friends roll into town. Chances are that in an attempt to save the town they’d blow it up trying.
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High School of the Dead (2010)

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I Love Zombies. I’ve watched films I would never normally watch simply because the film has zombies in it. In my DVD collection I have all but one of the George Romero zombie films -– and I will get that one in time too -– Shaun of the Dead, Zombie Strippers, Undead and Dead & Breakfast; however my pride and joy is the comic book collections of The Walking Dead. I love it more than the … (read more)

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Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team (1996)

I like giant robots. It was one of the things that got me started in this great big world of Anime and Manga. As much as I like the giant robot genre of anime I had never watched any of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise before Manifest 2009. It was just so daunting of a task: Multiple series in multiple timelines. How a fan could wrap their head around it all and still not mutter and cry in a … (read more)

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Bodyguards and Assassins (2009)

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I knew very little about Bodyguards and Assassins going into the theatre. I had heard a basic plot outline that could be described as ‘16 Blocks with a team of kung-fu fighters instead of Bruce Willis’. Having now seen the film I think that sentence does a disservice to the film.

B&A is set in 1906, British ruled, Hong Kong. Revolution is in the air with student protests and rebel groups finding their footing. With police and other forces … (read more)

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Disgaea (2006)

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Ever have one of those experiences where you’ve read a book or watched a film and you can see all the parts that should make it good and enjoyable but for some reason you can’t put your finger on why it just doesn’t work for you? That is my current predicament with Disgaea (pronounced: Dis-Guy-Ah).

Based on, what sounds like, a really epic Tactical RPG, Disgaea follows a trio of characters, Flonne a angel in training who was sent to … (read more)

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Sword of Alexander (2007)

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Usually for the site I end up reviewing anime titles, however lately I’ve been branching out and I guess experimenting with other titles. 13: Game of Death was one such title. Imprint was another. With Sword of Alexander it feels a little like coming home to anime as the story, action and special effects all feel like it’s a live action adaptation of an anime or Manga. It’s not though. It’s based on a novel. I still believe it would … (read more)

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13: Game of Death (2006)

Being primarily a reviewer of anime it’s nice to occasionally review films that are made using real living actors. The only other film that I have reviewed for Heroic Cinema that was made with real people on screen was Imprint whish isn’t that different from 13:GoD. Both have violence and strange family relationships. Both have horror themes but 13 is more of a horror thriller whereas Imprint was a more standard psychological horror film.

13: Game of Death has … (read more)

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