Cinema/TV Screenings in Oz in February

Here’s a quick roundup of what’s coming up in Oz cinemas and on television over the next few weeks for fans of asian film.

(poster from Dream Movie Australia)

Chinese New Year 2011 film: All’s Well Ends Well 2011

The year of the rabbit brings with it another star-studded Chinese New Year comedy from HK, and Dream Movie have got it in cinemas here in most capital cities. Stars Donnie Yen (an unusual bit of casting for a comedy!), Raymond Wong, Carina Lau, Louis Koo and Priscilla Cheung.

Madman/Palace Anime Anarchy

For Melbourne anime fans, Madman and the Palace Westgarth are showing four classic (and I mean classic) films on successive Friday nights at midnight.

The films in question, with our reviews:

  1. Perfect Blue (Friday 4 Feb)
  2. Akira (Friday 11 Feb)
  3. Ghost in the Shell (Friday 18 Feb)
  4. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (Friday 25 Feb)

Madman has the announcement with a little more info on their blog. Get along if you’re enough of a night owl!

SBS Season of Anime Classics
(via SBS Film’s facebook note)

If you’re not in Melbourne or prefer the small screen, SBS are showing a big block of anime classics on Monday nights. Akira’s already gone, but we’ve still got the following to look forward to:

  1. Ghost in the Shell (Monday 7 Feb @ 10:30pm, SBS TWO)
  2. Ninja Scroll (Monday 14 Feb @ 10:30pm, SBS TWO)
  3. Wings of Honneamise: Royal Space Force (Monday 21 Feb @ 10:30pm, SBS TWO)
  4. Grave Of The Fireflies (Monday 28 Feb @ 10:30, SBS TWO)
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