LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky Screening in Sydney

While anime fans in Brisbane and Melbourne are being treated with special screenings of anime classics, those living in Sydney no longer have to feel left out! Thanks to the good folks at the Japan Foundation Sydney, who of course bring us the Japanese Film Festival every year, there are going to be regular Japanese cinema nights held in their multipurpose room throughout the year. And the best thing is: admission is free! The first screening will be on Wednesday 16th February at 6:30pm, and the selected film is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s best works, LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky! Check their website for details of this and future screenings. And since the Japan Foundation now has access to the DVD library of films distributed by MADMAN, you can expect lots more screenings of great animes (and other Japanese films) to come, and we will endeavour to keep you posted!

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