Lau Kar-leung has died

Lau Kar-leung in "My Young Auntie"

Lau Kar-leung in “My Young Auntie”

As noted in this obituary in the South China Morning Post, martial artist, director and actor Lau Kar-leung (劉家良, Liu Chia-liang) has passed away in Hong Kong at the age of 76.

With him, Hong Kong has lost one of its most iconic and influential action filmmakers, a man who put his own stamp on the way martial arts is choreographed and shot in cinema. His career spanned more than half a century, from 1950’s Brave Lad of Canton through to his appearance in (and action direction for) Tsui Hark’s Seven Swords in 2005.

Eight years ago (!) I wrote this piece for YesAsia about Lau sifu and his involvement in Hong Kong cinema, and he remains the director of many of my favourite films.

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