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Once Upon A Time In China is now back on-line thanks to Mark Morrison who has graciously provided the space for me at www.heroic-cinema.com. Very little in the way of changes have occured since the last incarnation of the game, although combat has been changed so that it is now more in line with the original CAoRP system to take better advantage of the martial art techniques that are detailed there. This means that combat will be a little more up to the dice than before, but I like it better overall.

- Eric Yin
Feb. 13, 2001

Si Hai Jianghu
The bulk of these rules are derived from Green Knight Publishing's Pendragon ® game, and Chaosium Inc.'s Basic Role-Playing ® family of systems. In addition, the rules for combat incorporate mechanics from the Cathay Arts of Role-Playing ® system from Leonard Hung's CAoRP project, and Metagaming's Melee and Advanced Melee supplements. No challenge to these copyrights is intended by the contents of this page. My thanks go to Leonard Hung for kindly allowing me to use his rules. The first draft of these rules appeared in Volume 5, Number 5 of the Chaosium Digest.