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Operation Pink Squad 2 (1987)

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  • Laugh — At cross-dressing men (and women too!)
  • Feel — The pain of someone getting stabbed in the butt with a screwdriver!
  • See — A ghost’s head flying around attacking people’s sensitive spots!
  • Enjoy — A tasteless parody of A Better Tomorrow!
  • Gasp — As men are frequently threatened with castration!

Yes, it’s the demented oddity Operation Pink Squad 2. It’s trashy, over the top, illogical and cheap (even by HK standards). It’s also good clean fun. The … (read more)

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New Legend of Shaolin (1994)

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This is a pretty enjoyable Jet Li action vehicle as handled by Wong “I’ll do anything to entertain you” Jing. Because of the Wong factor, Li’s usual heroics are placed alongside various lowbrow comic set pieces (it’s just not a Wong Jing film without a fart gag), left field craziness (the villain drives a Chinese batmobile) and borrowed ideas: it steals liberally from Lone Wolf and Cub and other Li films like Fong Sai Yuk and Once Upon A Time (read more)

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Ghostly Vixen (1990)

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The film is called Ghostly Vixen and it stars Amy Yip, Unfortunately (for some) it is not a soft core sex romp, instead you have a decidedly lowbrow supernatural comedy. This film tries hard to be the king of all lowbrow: try the dick joke that has to be seen to be believed or the ‘beating up women is fun’ sequence. In the end the films stupidity nullifies any chance it has to truly offend, really all you you can … (read more)

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Bondi Tsunami (2003)

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Billed as “the first Japanese surfing road movie in Australia”, it’s obvious this film is trying very hard to be cool. Maybe I just didn’t get it, or I’ve become old and boring before my time, but this film didn’t grab me at all, frankly I found it boring.

How can it fail, it’s a hybrid genre movie, a good first step on the way to cult classic status (just think of the recent yakuza, zombie, samurai movie Versus). … (read more)

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From Riches to Rags (1977)

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Mr. ‘Heroic Bloodshed’ doing comedy?! Yeah, this was Woo’s bread and butter in the early days before he really hit his straps with A Better Tomorrow. This may not feel particularly Wooian (yes I made it up, but it may catch on) but it’s not a bad little film. For about the first two thirds it’s quite a nice (but pretty pointless) comedy about two guys trying to get rich; it hints at a deeper meaning (a satire on … (read more)

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Heroes Shed No Tears (1986)

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Made in 1983, this was shelved, then released in 1986 to cash in on the success of A Better Tomorrow. For about one minute it’s a good film. Unfortunately, there’s 84 more minutes, none of them remotely good.

This is regarded as Woo’s first stumbling step in the Heroic Bloodshed genre, and he’s disowned this because the studio added soft core sex and extra gore without his approval. If it were mine, I’d disown it out of sheer embarrassment. … (read more)

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