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Please Teacher (2001)

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Well, what is this anime about? When you mention Aliens and High School, you could be mistaken for expecting quite a different style of anime (Maybe that is just a guy thing) (Maybe it is just me?). If you have read some of Shizuru Hayashiya’s previous works such as Red Sister you could be mistaken for perhaps making a wrong assumption. This being his first attempt at a romantic comedy after a few darker, bloodier and quite violent series, I … (read more)

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.Hack//sign (2003)

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I must admit that I did feel a little flashback to TRON while watching .Hack//sign. Well, the “sucked into a computer game and cannot get out till a quest is performed” part anyway.

I am a bit of a Massive Multiplayer Online Game junkie, and have played pretty much all of the current ones that are out here (even some that are not). .Hack encapsulates all the things that people (well, me at least) want out of a MMOG, … (read more)

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Angelic Layer (2001)

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I am a big fan of the works of CLAMP. From Card Captor Sakura to X, I have been greatly entertained by all of the CLAMP anime I have seen. Some of that is to do with the character designs; the eyes of the characters in CLAMP series always seem so expressive to me. The people are just so darn cute, you just sort of want to sit them on your shelf with your other plushies… CLAMP always bring … (read more)

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Initial D (2000)

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Gentlemen, draw your swords… I mean start your engines.

While watching this, in many places, I got the impression that I was watching a Samurai film. Yes, cars have replaced the Katana, but the themes are still there. The honour and pride the combatants have in their skills and cars. The training of skills, the quest to become better than you were before. Revenge for past losses. And beating the tar out of your opponents.

A way of looking at … (read more)

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