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Armitage: Dual Matrix (2002)

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The first anime I ever reviewed for H-C was Wicked City. It was an absolutely terrifying experience because, although I’d watched anime before, I’d never actually had to write about it and I wasn’t really sure I knew how. Thankfully, Wicked City was super cool and the review more or less wrote itself.

Like Wicked City, Armitage: Dual Matrix has proved quite simple to write about; unlike Wicked City however, Armitage is 90 minutes of complete dreck. … (read more)

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Kill Bill Vol.2 (2004)

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So, now that this tale of bloody revenge has reached its climax, which ‘r’ do I feel? Relief, that it met my expectations? Regret, that it’s all over? A little of both actually, but mostly I feel Respect. From the opening ‘Massacre at Two Pines’ to the surreal final chapter ‘Face to Face,’ this proves to be a brilliant film; one quite different to the first half of The Bride’s quest to kill Bill, but certainly no less of a … (read more)

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Kung Faux – Vol. 1 (2003)

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Not so long ago, the greatest joy I took from writing for Heroic Cinema was the fact that I could use my position on the team to justify watching all sorts of crazy crap, usually starring Amy Yip. Seeing as I could never be sure what Mark would ask me to review next, I had no problems at all sitting down with a copy of Erotic Ghost Story, or similar, and feeling just fine about all the exploitative sex … (read more)

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Twilight of the Dark Master (1997)

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malnourished/ adj. suffering from the absence of some essential elements necessary for health.
underdeveloped/ adj. not fully developed; immature.
generic/ adj. characteristic of or relating to a class; general, not specific or special.

I had originally intended that the above definitions alone would comprise this review, but while those words may each be employed in the description of most of Twilight of the Dark Master, their use is not really warranted when discussing … (read more)

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Wicked City (1992)

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I’m not sure I’m really qualified to ‘properly’ review Wicked City. I haven’t watched much anime. I can’t discuss styles of animation. I definitely can’t compare this film’s examples of wrinkled-brown-midget sex with any other’s. Also, I don’t really like it when I think I know what I’m looking at only I don’t because now its got teeth and… eugh.

Demonic gang rape doesn’t really give me a great deal of joy either. I’m generally fairly ambivalent about animated … (read more)

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Audition (1999)

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“Ban this sick film!” has become a bit of a cliché, but it’s sure a hell a functional one. Advocating censorship is now almost as fashionable as whinging about it – the two obviously compliment each other, and as long as there are people going to see some of the more intense examples of film art that are on offer in this fine country of ours, then chances are there’ll be someone to complain about them.

How Audition slipped under … (read more)

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Yi Yi (2000)

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There is a disarming honesty to the way writer/director Edward Yang speaks of Yi Yi — A One and A Two, an honesty which is rarely — if ever — to be found in critical writing, so his words perhaps better suited than any (especially mine) to introduce you to his creation.

“The film is simply about life, played across a spectrum of its span. In my view as the writer, simplicity is what’s at the bottom of the … (read more)

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Sorum (2001)

From reading the programme notes on Sorum, my understanding of what I was about to see was that it amounted to little more than a ghost pic. A highly unconventional ghost pic perhaps, but a ghost pic none the less. This rather unfortunate presupposition was further reinforced by the opening act of the film, as all the right pieces just fell into place — the derelict apartment building, the naïve newcomers, the unfriendly neighbours with their dark secrets.

Well, … (read more)

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