Review: Tiramisu (2002)

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Not available in Australia on DVD (to our knowledge)

Good grief, another “boy meets ghost” romance. Bittersweet and occasionally cloying, this fills up almost two hours with a combination of A Moment To Remember and Ghostbusters that works surprisingly well, provided you’re not too attentive.

The actors: Karena Lam is young and vivacious as the tragic/romantic lead, with a beguiling air of softness. Candy Lo is spiky and strong in the support role which she fills and then some. Eason Chan, as the oft-dumped roommate, is an amusing buffoon. Then there’s Nicholas.

Ahhh, Nicholas. Even at that tender age, even dressed as a postman, even with a slightly dorky haircut, the boy is rivetting. Not that he’s an especially fine actor, although he does well enough. No, it’s just that he’s exceedingly handsome. Star quality radiates from every pore. His performance in the “tap duel” in the dance studio must have left Hong Kong cinemas full of breathless women, swooned away at the sight of those agile young limbs.

Production values, script, and all else, are competent but unexciting, although the “underworld cops” is a pretty bit of CGI. Oh, and the lair of said cops was filmed in a castle somewhere in Europe, which looks lovely and gothic, with staircases apparently designed by M C Escher. But I digress. The rest of the film works well enough, but it’s Nicholas who shines.

And don’t get me started on his costumes…

6 tap boots out of 10.
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