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Godzilla vs Ebirah – Horror of the Deep (1966)

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With such a large number of Godzilla sequels being released, we’re truly spoilt for choice. However, it seems that it doesn’t really matter which Godzilla film you watch: they all have a very similar feel, and not just because they all contain the titular giant monster. It’s more that each film shares the same themes and basic plot lines that make them feel so very ‘samey’. There are the recurring themes that nuclear anything is bad, the fact that Godzilla … (read more)

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Godzilla – 50th Anniversary Edition (1954)

Ishiro Honda’s Gojira, known to those outside Japan as Godzilla, is a masterpiece. The scaly star of the film has so far appeared in 26 films, and is one of the enduring icons of Japanese cinema. Godzilla bootstrapped the kaiju (giant monster) genre in Japan, and there’s now a huge pantheon of enormous supernatural monsters littering the landscape, be they armoured, flying, metal, three-headed, alien, or some combination of several of these.

The film was made in 1954 … (read more)

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Godzilla: Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965)

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With the current trend in the quality of Godzilla films that are being released, I was prepared to be disappointed with Godzilla: Invasion of Astro-Monster. The fact that it’s one of the old Godzilla films hailing from 1965 resulted in flashbacks of a dancing Godzilla from Godzilla vs. Ebirah which filled me with dread. Thankfully, I can say that Godzilla’s dancing in Godzilla: Invasion of Astro-Monster is limited to a simple ‘happy dance’ to signify that he is top … (read more)

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