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The Taste of Money (2012)

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The Taste of Money is Im Sang-soo’s seventh film, and a successor of sorts (if not a direct sequel) to 2010’s The Housemaid. I haven’t seen the latter, so I can’t write much about it here, but it seems clear from this trailer that it’s a thriller/melodrama set in the rarefied world of South Korea’s super-rich.

The Taste of Money inhabits the same universe. … (read more)

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Art of Fighting (2006)

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Every year a few more high school fighting movies emerge from Korea, but few are as likably conventional and entertaining as Art of Fighting. Often bogged down in weighty social commentary, historical context, and orgasmic explosions of brutal violence, movies like Friend and Once Upon a Time in High School tend to go places that audiences may not always expect or welcome. Breaking tradition with films like these, Art of Fighting remains focused on concluding its simple set-up, which … (read more)

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