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Aachi and Ssipak (2006)

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When I first heard the premise for Aachi and Ssipak, I though it was going to be one of those films that revolve mainly around toilet humour and go to extreme moments of crudeness. But I was pleasantly surprised that for the greater whole this isn’t the case. A&S actually is rarely about the goings on behind that cubicle door and is more concerned about the end result: the “Juicybars”.

In the alternate future proposed in the film, energy … (read more)

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Bet on My Disco (2000)

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Bet on My Disco is a movie of simple pleasures, but it doesn’t entirely do the film justice to reduce it to the (simple!) level of the plot summary above. There are plenty of laughs in Disco, but it’s not an out-and-out comedy; instead, director Kim Dong-Won has made a film that is, bizarrely, almost as much a realist drama as it is a dance pic.

Lee Jung-jin (as our hero, Hae-juk) mixes a broad — and very physical … (read more)

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