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Millennium Mambo (2001)

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I first saw Millennium Mambo on my birthday at MIFF in 2002. As an admirer of all Hou’s films, it was a screening I was tremendously excited about. A couple of hours later, I was confused and left wondering what had happened to Hou’s distinctive film style of yesteryear? My first impression was thus one of resistance. Somehow, Mambo hadn’t met my expectations. It was like opening a present and finding something I didn’t like but putting on a gracious … (read more)

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Asian Connection (1995)

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Most of you will remember Danny Lee as Dumbo in The Killer. Here he is a few years later, a few years heavier, but with the same bad dress sense. He teams up with Michael Chow, who looks familiar to me but I don’t know where from – I suspect he usually plays the dorky mobile-phone slinging boyfriend type. I’m digressing.

In this hour-and-a-half long chase movie, Danny and Michael play two HK cops who get stung on a … (read more)

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