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The Ghost (2004)

The Ghost, also known in English speaking parts as Dead Friend (its Korean title is Ryeong) isn’t just unimaginative in title: it’s an arrestingly shameless combination of Ring and Dark Water, with a cheesy M. Night Shyamalan ending tacked on for good measure. The “references” to Ring in particular are as unsubtle as the ones in Scary Movie except it seems to be played straight. You almost have to admire that.

You also have to admire that … (read more)

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My Tutor Friend (2003)

A slick fusion of now staple Korean genres (cute-but-wacky boy/girl romantic comedy, return to high school beatdown, goofy enemy-turned-buddy slapstick’er, teen fantasy), My Tutor Friend has some shaky moments but is held together by a suitably energetic plot (and out-of-the-ordinary subplots), charismatic performances and a warming, feel-good vibe that stays within its tolerable limits.

Kwon’s (Volcano High) Ji-hoon is an engaging rebel, supplying only a few doses of the overly violent behaviour that might alter our perceptions of … (read more)

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