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Peppermint Candy (2000)

Backwards narration has become a rather fashionable way to present a story on screen. Memento and Irréversible are two recent examples of films utilising reverse-narrative structures. Some of the dominant characteristics of this technique are its systematic engagements with notions of temporal linearity, the past, of memory and the state of remembering (or, in Memento’s case, the inability to remember). If the act of observing and listening to a story told backwards is fascinating, it is perhaps due to … (read more)

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A Perfect Match (2002)

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Hmm. A matchmaker who has trouble finding a match for herself – sound familiar? Well it is a romantic comedy and once the basic premise of the film is established, you can pretty much guess how it will turn out in the end. Still, doesn’t mean it isn’t watchable.

So how does it stand as a Romantic Comedy? Well, I will admit it is quite enjoyable and something that doesn’t take much effort to watch. With the plot well established, … (read more)

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