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Daredevil in the Castle (1961)

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In his prolific and much-lauded career, Toshiro Mifune worked with director Hiroshi Inagaki even more often than he did with his more celebrated collaborator Akira Kurosawa — the best-known product of these collaborations is the Miyamoto Musashi trilogy, with Mifune playing the title character. Working for the Toho studio, Inagaki was a very well-respected writer/director during the 1950s and 60s with a bit of a specialisation in period action films: his Musashi films and his version of The 47 Ronin(read more)

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Godzilla vs Megaguirus (2000)

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If I said that Godzilla vs Megaguirus was a terrible film, I’m sure not that many people would disagree. The thing is, I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the Godzilla sequels, which, whilst not deserving critical acclaim, are still enjoyable. Unfortunately, this film is not one of them. Instead, it is a painful 106 minutes that I will never get back. The film suffers from four critical flaws that make it an atrocity. These flaws are: predictability, dreadful … (read more)

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