James’ Top 5 films in 2006

1. Invisible Waves: Otherworldly, quiescent, full of continuity errors and technical goofs, hardly anything happens, and it’s green – I love it.

2. The Host: Gets away with breaking the rules – shows us the monster in broad daylight, blurs the distinction between good and evil, and obliges us to accept incompetence and idiocy as a routine aspect of our lives.

3. Linda, Linda, Linda: Bae Do-na shows Korean actors working abroad how to avoid Jackie Chan and not get Lost.

4. Fanaa: Kajol returns to the screen, is blind for half the movie, falls in love with a tour guide, then, just as she regains her sight, we find out her lover is actually a mastermind terrorist – does it get much better?

5. Offside: Hard to imagine a better film being made about soccer fanatics of either gender.

Honourable mentions: Exiled, Isabella, Three Times, Election 2, Duelist.

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