Justin’s GBW for 2008

The GoodThe Good, the Bad, the Weird

Kim Jee-Woon’s motorcycle-riding, treasure-hunting 1930s Manchurian Western was the most fun I’ve had in a cinema in ages, though Johnnie To’s elegant Sparrow probably deserves an honourable mention as well.

The BadCJ7

Well, OK, so it wasn’t terrible, and it had one or two moments in it that made me laugh… but it felt like only a third of a film tuned for a very different audience than Stephen Chow’s earlier work.

The WeirdSukiyaki Western Django

There may not be such a thing as “typically Miike”, but his Tarantino-introduced, English-language Japanese Western is at least as weird as Miike’s older offerings and a much stranger film than anything else I saw this year. It _was_ strangely engrossing, though.

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