This week in cinemas: ‘Drug War’ (China/HK)

Drug WarAccording to distributor Dream Movie’s Twitter and Facebook feeds, we’re getting an Aussie cinema release of HC favourite Johnnie To’s newest film, Drug War on this Thursday, April 18.

(‘War’ titles seem to be coming across my desk a lot lately, actually — we’ve had Cold War and Silent War just recently, too!)

This one’s a bit of a watershed film, since it’s To’s first film in the genre we love him for — Milkyway Image’s neon-splattered crime films — shot in mainland China. The film stars Louis Koo and Sun Honglei and sounds like it’ll veer more towards high-powered crime procedural than criminal character exploration.

Here’s a pretty action-heavy trailer:

Screening in most state capitals at Hoyts cinemas, and at the Palace Nova Eastend in Adelaide!

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