More King Hu screening in Canberra

A Touch of ZenHot on the heels of Melbourne Cinémathèque’s screening of King Hu’s classic A Touch of Zen comes three screenings of films by the great director in Canberra, at the National Film and Sound Archive’s Arc Cinema.

The films on display are:

  • Dragon Gate Inn on Sat 8 March: the original film, remade by Tsui Hark twice and one of the classics of Chinese action cinema.
  • A Touch of Zen on Sun 9 March: unarguably King Hu’s most revered film, running the gamut from quiet little mystery film through action film to philosophical work.
  • The Valiant Ones on Sat 15 March: a smaller action film, and a very early piece of action choreography from Sammo Hung.

See the NFSA site for the films for all the details.

I can’t stress enough that these films are really, really hard to see, in any format: fairly terrible DVDs exist for A Touch of Zen (none looking any better than this print, which I think is the same one that screened in Melbourne). The other two are basically unavailable, with all the DVD releases that I know of long out of print; Dragon Gate Inn is something I’ve only ever seen on VHS!

The print of The Valiant Ones is a restored one c/o the Hong Kong Film archive, which looked wonderful when I saw it at a screening almost a decade ago.

Thoroughly worth a trip if you love Chinese cinema and can make it to Canberra for a weekend or two!

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