This week in cinemas: ‘Flirting in the Air’ (Hong Kong)

Flirting in the AirHong Kong low-brow comedy super-producer Wong Jing has a new film in Aussie cinemas on October 9.

Flirting in the Air, which stars Chapman To and Dada Chen (both from 2012’s popular, and Cat III-rated, Vulgaria). This time, however, To plays a womanizing pilot who is transported back to Ming Dynasty China, where he and his co-pilots can indulge in period-era womanizing. Like I said, a Wong Jing film — though he’s handed directorial duties over to Aman Chang for this picture.

The film is screening in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. You can find more information, and some giveaways, on distributor Magnum Films’ Facebook page.

Here’s a (probably not safe for work!) trailer:

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