International Chinese Film Festival 2014 (Sydney)

ICFFSydneysiders: tonight is the Opening Night for this year’s International Chinese Film Festival for 2014, which runs for the next week or so until 30 November. This year, there are eight feature films screening at Hoyts Broadway (plus tonight’s Opening Night screening of No Man’s Land at Fox Studios).

This year there’s also a further nine movies, perhaps the less commercial fare, screening for free at the China Cultural Centre — you just have to get in touch in advance and make reservations.

Screening in the main program this year (with links to reviews where we have them) are:

  • Old Boys (2014) — the big-screen version of the 2010 micro-film of the same name.
  • But Always (2014) — a romantic drama set in Beijing, with Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuanyuan.
  • Coming Home (2014) — director Zhang Yimou’s adaptation of The Criminal Lu Yanshi, about a family split apart during the Cultural Revolution.
  • The Wrath of Vajra (2013) — Law Wing-Cheong’s 1940s martial arts film, with ex-Shaolin monk Shi Yanneng.
  • Kung Fu Angels (2014) — this looks like a coming-of-age drama, but I can’t dig up much about it online.
  • No Man’s Land (2013) — a thriller directed by Ning Hao, set in northwestern China, starring Xu Zheng as a city lawyer very out of place in the desert. (Read our own Elizabeth Kerr’s review in The Hollywood Reporter!)
  • Brotherhood of Blades (2014) — Lu Yang’s period swordplay film, starring Chang Chen and Liu Shishi.
  • The Golden Era (2014) — Ann Hui’s biopic of Xiao Hong, starring Tang Wei.

Here’s the teaser trailer!

Full schedule info is available at the ICFF website, and there’s more information available from them on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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