This week in cinemas: ‘Train to Busan’ (South Korea)

Speeding through Australian cinemas right now is South Korean hit zombie film Train to Busan, which has been garnering accolades both in Korea and abroad: ten million tickets sold domestically, an American cinema release and a bidding war over Hollywood remake rights. It’s safe to say that director Yeon Sang-ho has done well with his first live-action feature.

Kim Su-an in Train to Busan

Kim Su-an in Train to Busan

The film is a propulsive action/horror thriller with a more than a dash of social criticism at its core. It follows a group of passengers trapped about a bullet train from Seoul to Busan amidst a quickly-spreading public health menace (hint: zombies!).

Our review is up here, and you can see the trailer below:

The film is screening around the country right now, except for in Melbourne, where it opens on August 18 (presumably because it has just screened at MIFF as well this year). You can find more details on distributor CineAsia’s Facebook page.

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