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Angel Sanctuary (2001)

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This OAV, based on a 20 volume manga by the gothy, inestimable Kouri Yuki (currently being published in English by Viz Communications), is as you might expect from anything based on a 20 volume story – totally epic and yet not nearly epic enough. Yuki’s original work is so rife with violence, angst, messy relationships existentialism and gender-bending on both sides (just for starters), that it kind of makes your average Aaron Spelling soapie look like an episode of … (read more)

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Gravitation (2000)

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Gravitation, more affectionately known as Gravi to its fans, is a lot of things – crazy, kooky, funny, serious, touching, angsty, dark – but at its heart it’s also the simplest of love stories. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Boy meets boy, boy loses boy, boy gets boy back again.

No, that’s not a typo.

For those people who haven’t yet heard about this series, Gravitation, based on a manga series by Maki Murakami (published … (read more)

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