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Brave Story (2006)

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Based on a novel by writer Miyuki Miyabe, the Brave Story movie is produced by the animation house Studio Gonzo, a major force in the anime industry today. It is essentially a fantasy adventure. Giant monsters, wizards with magical powers, and young characters who become heroes all feature in the film.

The story begins when young Wataru, the main character of the movie, accidentally sees a mysterious young child disappearing through a floating door. It turns out that the mysterious … (read more)

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Angel Sanctuary (2001)

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This OAV, based on a 20 volume manga by the gothy, inestimable Kouri Yuki (currently being published in English by Viz Communications), is as you might expect from anything based on a 20 volume story – totally epic and yet not nearly epic enough. Yuki’s original work is so rife with violence, angst, messy relationships existentialism and gender-bending on both sides (just for starters), that it kind of makes your average Aaron Spelling soapie look like an episode of … (read more)

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Samurai Champloo (2004)

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I have a feeling this review is going to be about a hundred words long.

Why? Well, come on, be honest. Is there any point in me going into any great length on it? I mean, the minute I answer The Question you’ll be off, either straight to the store to buy a copy, or to your room to lock yourself in and watch reruns of Sailor Moon until you can get over the disappointment (or cultivate enough denial).

It’s … (read more)

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