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Godzilla Minus One (2023)

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It’s been a big final month of 2023 for overseas fans of Asian cinema, with some all-stars bringing their game to cinemas. John Woo returns to American movies again with Silent Night. Hayao Miyazaki simply returns, with The Boy and the Heron. And with a name even more well known than those cinema legends, the kaiju king, the monarch of monsters, returns yet again. Godzilla is back.

For context, this reviewer dipped into the Godzilla back catalogue for … (read more)

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Always: Sunset on Third Street (2005)

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Always: Sunset on Third Street was a commercial and critical success in Japan, winning the hearts of Japanese audiences and critics alike. It was a huge box office hit, and went on to become the big winner at the 2006 Awards of the Japanese Academy, sweeping almost all of the major awards, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Support Actor and Best Support Actress. In fact, had it won any more awards from the Japanese Academy, it would … (read more)

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The Place Promised in our Early Days (2004)

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The Place Promised in Our Early Days is the first full length feature from Mokoto Shinkai. Shinkai first came to prominence with Voices From a Distant Star, an anime that he produced almost single-handedly. Voices From A Distant Star, with its melancholy voice over and themes of separation and loss, was not only an awesome achievement but also an incredibly emotionally resonant piece that announced the arrival of a true auteur.

With Place, Shinkai again returns to … (read more)

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