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Madman hits Blu-Ray

Welcome to the future people – Madman has begun issuing some of their best and brightest on Blu-ray disc. So pound for pound, feature for feature how do these hi-def versions stack up against their DVD superseded forbears? Are they worth your hard-earned bucks? Do you need to not pass Go and head straight to the upgrade? This preamble has posed enough questions. Let’s get to the main event.

Disclaimer: Word of warning to the uninitiated. As compelling and persuasive … (read more)

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Fred Ladd: From Astro Boy to a Sailor Moon

Forty Years Ago Today
November 10, 1965; it is almost exactly forty years since the pilot to the first colour anime, Kimba the White Lion, was completed. To celebrate his anniversary, Madman has released a deluxe box set featuring fully restored versions of the first fifty-two episodes. The journey of this white lion cub to the West is a intriguing one. At ground zero was Fred Ladd who was the US producer on Kimba as well as his boy … (read more)

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