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The Uninvited (2003)

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Low-key supernatural thriller, psychological courtroom drama, Jeon Ji-hyun in a serious dramatic role … The Uninvited arranges a complex story that intrigues at first but fails to reward viewer patience with a coherent finish.

Most will watch this for Jeon’s performance in a role far removed from her halcyon My Sassy Girl days. For those of us who enjoy her as a manic honey/enemy, it might be a surprise, if not an annoyance, to discover that Jeon barely raises a … (read more)

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My Sassy Girl (2001)

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There’s no easy way to start this, so I’ve just gotta blurt it out: this is a great movie. The characters are fresh and engaging, the plot is simple yet manages to surprise, and the whole is just superbly well-crafted. It’s long, but well worth it: there’s a bit of sag in the middle, but otherwise it’s a goer from beginning to end.

Now it gets even harder: why is it so great? Well, the actors handle their roles with … (read more)

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