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Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor (2005)

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To those new to the Guyver franchise, it’s based off some Manga from the eighties, which then spawned a movie, an OVA series, two live action movies (one starring Mark Hamill in a supporting role, which I had the misfortune to see) and finally a new TV series.

Sho Fukamachi and his doofus of a friend decide to wag from school for the day to go off to a lake in the mountains that they know from childhood. Little do … (read more)

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Samurai Gun (2004)

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Released in 2004, Samurai Gun is an oddity. It eschews the current trend in samurai anime of the historically accurate period detail. Samurai Gun thumbs its nose at its housemates: Peacemaker, Otogi Zoshi and Rurouni Kenshin, preferring to wallow in anachronism. Using the industrial revolution as a jumping off point, Samurai Gun grants itself a lot of latitude with its use technology. Guns aren’t limited to revolvers, there are automatics, the bad guys, the Shogun’s minions use rocket … (read more)

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