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Ouran High School Host Club Part 1 (2006)

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Since its release in 2006, Ouran High School Host Club has established itself as a fan favourite. It has a reputation for being a bit strange, but also extremely funny. This is my review of Part 1, which consists of the first 13 (of a total of 26) episodes of the anime.

The Ouran Host Club is where handsome boys with too much time on their hands entertain and charm girls, who also have too much time on their … (read more)

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Gad Guard (2003)

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First off, don’t be misled by the kiddie visuals of Gad Gard’s box art. It is actually quite sophisticated with some overt sexuality from the female players.

Gad Gard stitches together a retro patchwork of influences from sixties mod chic: short, pleated mini-shirts, sweater vests, mopeds, a jazzy saxophone in the title sequence straight out of Cowboy Bebop, to nineteenth century Dickensian street urchins armed with jet-powered skateboards and Faginesque villians. Patch this all into a Euro steam-punk future … (read more)

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