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Architecture 101 (2012)

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The popular Korean Film Festival in Australia (KOFFIA) is already underway in Brisbane, with Sydney and Melbourne soon to follow. So far already, our Editor has reviewed the period drama Masquerade, while fellow Team Heroic members have written about the thrillers Berlin File and The Tower. Screening this afternoon is the 2012 smash hit romance film Architecture 101, which I have had the pleasure of catching, and I am pleased to tell you that if you are … (read more)

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Bleak Night (2011)

For the KOFFIA festival I was given two films to review. Both films deal with young people. The other film, Silenced, dealt with the way adults can abuse the rights of the very young, in ways horrific and saddening. Here, in Bleak Night, it is the young people, mostly, whose own dealings with each other propel the tragic events at the film’s core.… (read more)

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