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Barking Dogs Never Bite (2000)

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You can guess by the synopsis that this is a difficult film to write about: it wriggles about like a live thing, refusing to be pinned down by genre, plot, or style. And that alone makes it interesting. Add in a simple yet unusual plot, a ghost story, realistic characters played ably by a talented cast, and you’ve got a fine film.

First, though, I must make a confession: it took me three sessions to get through this film. Yes, … (read more)

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Ghost in Love (1998)

This rather sweet Korean flick shows the effect of the Korean government’s decision to stimulate their film industry by pouring money into it (and setting quotas, and whatever else). It’s polished, entertaining, intriguing, has some nice CGI effects, and is generally a professional piece of work.

The story is simple: a “suicide squad” of ghosts (because suicides can’t go to heaven) recruits new members into a sort of post-existential pyramid scheme of retribution. We follow the main character, a girl … (read more)

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