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Double Vision (2002)

I really didn’t know what I was getting into before walking in on this one. I knew it involved a serial killer and had Tony Leung Ka Fai and David Morse in it. So pretty much I skipped along to my screening of Double Vision with expectations of Silence of the Lambs or Seven. After the second or third macabre ritualistic murder, it was really hard to not draw parallels with Seven. However, while that may very well … (read more)

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Betelnut Beauty (2000)

(from , dir: )

This film falls squarely into the arthouse genre box, for those who like to pigeonhole their movies. For those who like to pigeonhole further, it could be categorised as “troubled urban youth meander through their lives at a gentle pace”.

It might be clear to some of you that I feel rather equivocal about this one. And it’s true: while I’ve heard many good things about this film, I couldn’t really throw myself into it. It began fairly well, with … (read more)

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