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Millionaires Express (1986)

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This movie is ridiculous. I mean that in the best sense of the word, as in over-the-top silliness, expertly crafted to make you grin with glee or cringe with incredulity depending on your familiarity with Hong Kong’s special filmic sauce — equal parts broad visual gags, verbal comedy that doesn’t quite translate, kinetic action and a pinch or two of political incorrectness, all boiling down to a bubbling broth of good old fashioned fun.

Just look at that cast list! … (read more)

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Miss Du Shi Niang (2003)

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Michelle Reis is exceedingly pretty, as is Daniel Wu, but neither can drag this film above the level of tedium. Historical prostitute dramas can be fascinating, funny, or tragic, but this is none of the above. Costumes lovely, characters reasonable, plot entirely predictable. Don’t waste your money.… (read more)

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