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The Warrior and the Wolf (Lang Zai Ji) (2009)

Wolves have a storied place in mythology and folklore ranging from reverence to revulsion. Wolves tend to be venerated in Native American cultures – but it’s just a tendency. Romulus and Remus were wolves and they founded Rome. We’ve all been warned to ‘beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing’, and we know how poor Red Riding Hood fared. And, uh, hello … werewolves? Based on a story by Akutagawa-winner Inoue Yasushi, The Warrior and the Wolf is a three-part meditation … (read more)

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Magic Kitchen (2004)

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I’m scared.

Not exactly the stock-standard opening would expect from a review of a romantic comedy. Of course, this fear has nothing to with Magic Kitchen itself – if anything Magic Kichen is actually quite an enjoyably romantic comedy with nary a scary moment.

No, what is a cause of concern is my complete inability to recall a Sammi Cheng film that I did not like at all. Without it, I’m not sure whether the warm fuzzies that tend to … (read more)

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