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The Warrior and the Wolf (Lang Zai Ji) (2009)

Wolves have a storied place in mythology and folklore ranging from reverence to revulsion. Wolves tend to be venerated in Native American cultures – but it’s just a tendency. Romulus and Remus were wolves and they founded Rome. We’ve all been warned to ‘beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing’, and we know how poor Red Riding Hood fared. And, uh, hello … werewolves? Based on a story by Akutagawa-winner Inoue Yasushi, The Warrior and the Wolf is a three-part meditation … (read more)

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Springtime in a Small Town (2002)

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There is a certain restraint that seems common to Chinese cinema. Where characters live at an emotional detachment with each other and passions are inhibited for the sake of duty and respectability. It is this suppression that means that not everyone lives happily ever after and sometimes an ending and a resolution are enough.

This certainly holds true for Springtime in a Small Town. Basically a remake of a favourite post-war Chinese film, Springtime follows a man who returns … (read more)

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