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The Grudge (Ju-On) (2003)

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There was, from our Western eyes, a Renaissance in horror coming out of Japan. Awareness about the Ring series had come to light and Dark Water was a worthy successor. As such, there was a level of expectation from The Grudge which, in hindsight, was somewhat undeserved. If anything, it just goes to show that the Japanese horror industry is just as fallible as their international brethren.

I suppose part of the disappointment with the film is in part to … (read more)

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St John’s Wort (2001)

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Okay, the World Movies precis runs thus: “Based on, and playing like, the hugely popular Japanese video game, a terrifying horror film that uses interactive video, animation and computer graphics to horrifying effect.” Not entirely true, but not entirely false either. Walk with me through the film…

For starters, the main story, that of a girl exploring a house left to her by her painter father, is reflected not-quite-faithfully in the video game being designed by a group of her … (read more)

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