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Elemental Gelade (2005)

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Two weeks ago I claimed I would never pick a disc to review based off the title alone again. It’s quite odd that the system of random luck of picking based off the title alone got me the massive dud School Rumble and also this standout title Elemental Gelade. Based on the manga of the same name, Elemental Gelade, may hit some of the same notes and themes present in the fantasy genre, yet still maintains enough freshness … (read more)

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Burst Angel (2004)

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There I was, scoffing away at a fellow reviewer for wimping out on not only reviewing, but even merely finishing Studio Gonzo girls and guns title Burst Angel, assured in my fangirl superiority because I myself had managed to sit through an entire volume and hadn’t tried to kill myself by the end. You wuss, I mocked. Spoilt by too much quality anime (which I admit is my fault, since I keep pushing the quality stuff on to him). … (read more)

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