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Akira (2001)

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Akira. A lot gets said about it. Words like definitive, ground-breaking and brilliant get bandied around all over the place like bullets in a John Woo movie whenever it’s mentioned. And rightly so. It was a movie that left a huge, meteoric impact crater on the grown-up, film going, cross cultural psyche that some people, myself included, will never quite get over.

The interesting thing about it however, is that over a decade later it has lost none of … (read more)

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Initial D (2000)

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Gentlemen, draw your swords… I mean start your engines.

While watching this, in many places, I got the impression that I was watching a Samurai film. Yes, cars have replaced the Katana, but the themes are still there. The honour and pride the combatants have in their skills and cars. The training of skills, the quest to become better than you were before. Revenge for past losses. And beating the tar out of your opponents.

A way of looking at … (read more)

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